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Injuries Suffered in Petrochemical Accidents

Published on Aug 20, 2018 at 7:36 pm in Industrial Accidents.

Given the volatility of the materials used by the petrochemical employers in our area, it is not surprising that industrial accidents at these facilities can cause serious, life-changing injuries. In most cases, if you suffer one of these injuries, you will be covered by your employer’s workers’ compensation policy. However, if your injuries were caused by a non-employer third party, you may have grounds for a personal injury lawsuit. Learn about the injuries you may suffer and who should compensate you here.

Injuries Suffered in Petrochemical Accidents

Explosions, fires, crashes, and chemical spills are all possible at oil refineries and on oil rigs—both major employers in our area. These kinds of accidents can cause the following types of injury:

  • Burns. Explosions and fires can burn flesh right down to the bone, causing disfigurement and permanent damage to tissue. Burns can also be caused by exposure to certain chemicals, by electric shock, or by touching something hot—all possible in industrial workplaces. Burn injuries can require expensive, on-going treatment.
  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI). Common industrial accidents such as explosions, vehicle crashes, and falls can cause head injuries that permanently damage the brain. Physical and emotional impairment can result from a severe TBI.
  • Spinal cord damage. A vehicle crash, fall, or crushing accident can damage the spinal cord and cause partial or complete paralysis. Victims of spinal cord damage could require lifelong medical assistance.
  • Eye injuries. Chemicals and flying debris can lodge in the eye, causing impaired vision or blindness.
  • Amputation. A mishap with heavy equipment or power tools, an explosion, or a vehicle accident could cause the loss of a limb. This disability could prevent the victim from ever returning to work.
  • Orthopedic trauma. Broken bones from a fall or crash, soft tissue injuries caused by doing repetitive tasks, or a back injury caused by heavy lifting are common injuries in many workplaces. These injuries could require months of therapy and surgery.

Any of these injuries could require medical treatment that costs thousands of dollars. When you contact Bianca | Matkins, you can be sure you will get the coverage you need to pay for it.

Workers’ Comp or Third-Party Lawsuit?

In most cases, your work-related injury will be covered by your employer’s workers’ comp insurance. However, if a sub-contractor, delivery driver, defective tool, or other third party caused the accident that left you injured, you could have cause for a personal injury lawsuit. Call us for a free case review to find out. We accept both personal injury and workers’ comp claims.

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