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Defending Your Legal Rights When You Need Help Most

At Bianca | Matkins, we understand that when someone needs an attorney, they’re often going through the worst experiences life has to offer. In the aftermath of a serious injury or the death of a loved one that was caused by negligence, you need help—and you need it fast. Our Baton Rouge personal injury lawyers believe in doing everything we can to be the staunch defenders our clients need most.

We may be able to help you receive the compensation you and your family need to move forward and recover financially. We can stand up in court and protect your rights to ensure no insurance company or corporation takes advantage of you. We can ease some of your burdens while you focus on what’s most important—your recovery.

No one should have to endure being harmed due to negligent or reckless actions. We’re committed to helping right what wrongdoings have occurred and stopping further instances of negligence. By filing a personal injury claim against an individual or group that acted negligently or wrongfully, we’ll help you send a powerful message. That message can protect others.

We believe in fighting back against bullies. Whether you were injured in a car accident that was caused by a drunk driver, injured in a work accident that could have been prevented, or suffered at the hands of a medical professional who became distracted, we’re here to fight for your right to be heard. We’re experienced trial lawyers who won’t hesitate to take your case all the way to court if necessary.

Giving Clients the Time and Attention They Deserve

Most law firms prioritize large numbers and accept as many cases as possible that can award quick wins. That’s not us. At Bianca | Matkins, we prioritize developing relationships with our clients to ensure we’re able to represent them to the best of our abilities. We give every client the individual time and attention they require, and we make it a point to be personally available to ensure communication is always in place.

Our personal injury attorneys also believe in educating clients about their cases and the necessary legal proceedings, so they never feel helpless. Clients should never feel left in the dark. We take the time to explain the legalities of your case and help you understand what we’re doing. We’re here to help and empower you—not make you feel like a passive observer.

If you believe you have a potential case, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a Baton Rouge personal injury lawyer at Bianca | Matkins today. We can help you determine if legal representation is in your family’s best interest and walk you through the process of what comes next.

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Practice Areas

Our Baton Rouge personal injury lawyers stand up for victims of a wide variety of accidents in South Louisiana, including those listed below. You will also find the full list of practice areas we are experienced in linked at the bottom. If you don’t see your type of injury listed, we encourage you to get in touch with our law firm regardless. Our team may still be able to provide assistance.

Our Clients Love Us

Read below to see just a sample of some of our client testimonials. We strive to continually improve our services. Receiving feedback is one of the best ways to do so.

"Got into a car accident while outta town in june 2022 . seen a sign on a bus stop for accident lawyers , called went in & gave them all the information. it was my first time having something like this happened so they made the process so simple & easy . they kept me updated with my case & had everything settled september 2022! they are the best!"
Former Client
"All the staff and attorneys were absolutely wonderful to work with! They were quick, efficient and frequent communication was always there! Would recommend to anyone looking for an attorney. When my husband was in a wreck that ended in his vehicle being overturned and totaling his vehicle due to drivers running a stop sign, they immediately stepped in and helped us get back to normal from before our wreck through a easy and seamless process."
Former Client

Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Bianca | Matkins
Proven Experience
Our personal injury lawyers have prior experience working with top litigation teams in South Louisiana. We understand legal matters from multiple backgrounds and walks of life. This gives us an edge against many of our competitors.
Why Choose Bianca | Matkins
Deaf Rights Advocates
We are one of the few Deaf-friendly law firms in Louisiana. We have team members who can communicate through ASL, and we offer legal services to those in the Deaf community who need an advocate or have had their rights violated.
Why Choose Bianca | Matkins
Contingency Fee Basis
Bianca | Matkins operates on a contingency fee basis for most personal injury claims. This means that you won’t have to worry about upfront costs and don’t owe us anything unless your case is completed successfully.
Why Choose Bianca | Matkins
Compassion Matters
We take the time to hear what every potential client has to say and dedicate ourselves to become personally involved in every step of each case we accept. From start to finish, communication and compassion are crucial to us.
Why Choose Bianca | Matkins
Individual Attention
Unlike larger law firms, our attorneys don’t take every case that comes our way. We handle a smaller number of cases at a time, which lets us give every client the individual attention they deserve. We don’t shy from taking cases all the way to trial.
Why Choose Bianca | Matkins
Advocates of Workers
As lawyers who believe in the merits of hard work, we understand the difficulties many blue-collar workers in Louisiana face. We often advocate for and handle cases involving workers injured in oil fields and other industrial settings.

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