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About Bianca | Matkins

Bianca | Matkins was founded by two experienced trial lawyers, Dominick “Rusty” Bianca and Fielding Matkins, who have practiced together in Baton Rouge for multiple years. They are equally passionate about helping individuals and families who have suffered from injuries and wrongdoings due to the wrongful, reckless, or negligent acts of others in Baton Rouge. They decided to join forces to truly have the best impact possible on our community.

There are many lawyers to choose from when you have been seriously injured in South Louisiana, but not many have the background that Bianca | Matkins has. Our legal team relates to hardworking Louisiana individuals and families in a way that many lawyers simply can’t. We understand how easy it can be to lose it all when you don’t have someone looking out for you. We believe in doing everything we can to fight for the little guy and be that force that looks out for those who have been injured when it may seem that there is nowhere to turn. We genuinely care about the wellbeing of our clients.

Bianca | Matkins offers one additional very special service. We offer representation to members of the Deaf community in accident cases. Growing up with a Deaf sister, Rusty Bianca understands the challenges Deaf people can face in the legal system. Our office offers ASL interpretation and specialized representation in accident claims.

Bring Us Your Accident Case

If another person’s negligence led to your injuries, you may have a claim for damages. Personal injury cases can be complicated, and insurance companies do not make it easy for you to manage a claim on your own. Call us for a free case evaluation if you were injured or lost a loved one in a vehicle crash, work accident, premises or product liability incident, or suspect that nursing home abuse or medical malpractice may have occurred. Please see a full list of the types of cases we currently handle, but don’t hesitate to reach out to us regardless of the type of injury you suffered. We may be able to help you even if your specific case is not listed.

No matter what happened to cause your injuries, if it wasn’t your fault, it is worth scheduling a free consultation in our Baton Rouge law office. If we can help you, we will.

When You Are Injured, Call Bianca | Matkins Right Away

Personal injury claims are time-sensitive. Obtaining evidence and adhering to the statute of limitations means we often have to move fast. When you call Bianca | Matkins immediately after your accident, we will get to work right away investigating your case. If we believe we have a strong claim, we will act quickly to resolve it as soon as possible.

Free Case Review

Call us or fill out the form below to schedule a free and confidential case evaluation where we’ll hear your story and help you understand your legal options, advising you on what steps you can take next. If we can help with the next steps required, we will be happy to do so.

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